Our range of Framed Comics comics including all of the favourites and some less well known titles from the 1960s and 1970s. Overall size is 30cm x 38cm.

Titles from the Marvel and DC Universes (and other publishers) include Action Comics, AquamanAdventure ComicsCaptain AmericaDaredevilDetective ComicsFantastic FourThe FlashFlash GordonIron ManJimmy OlsenLois LaneMystery in Space,Metal Men, SupermanStrange AdventuresThorWonder Woman and others including Cartoon CharactersRomanceWar and Western themes.


Our Framed Comic Strips are made from a small section of an original comics, hand mounted and set in frames. Size is 23cm x 18cm. Ideally these are purchased and hung in a small group to create a great effect!

Our Clocks are hand made and driven by a small battery-operated mechanism. Size is 22cm x 22cm, 3cm deep.

The design incorporates a decoupage face, each using the pages from a vintage comic. The face is an open design with plastic hands, including a second hand. They can either be hung on the wall of stood up as a mantel clock.